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I was invited alongside my wife Jo and dear friends Lou & Liz Taylor to contribute to the Daily Echo’s Colour of Love article exploring the experiences of mixed-race couples in Southampton.

The article was based on a studio debate filmed in Southampton in 1992 which explored issues of mixed-race relationships and examined how this dynamic impacted peoples’ sense of identity.

“I have pride in my African heritage. I always knew where my parents came from and I first visited Nigeria when I was 13.”

Jo adds: “It’s important our children know about that culture. They think Africa is quite cool. They think there are lions in their grandmother’s back yard!”

Olu & Jo Rowe

The new film, The Colour of Love Revisited, also includes a studio debate filmed earlier this year featuring many of the original participants and examines how views and issues have changed over the last 21 years.

The films were both produced by Don John, coordinator of Black History Month in Southampton, which includes numerous events.

The film was screened as part of Southampton Film Week at the Gallery Lecture Theatre in Southampton Civic Centre.

For more information about the screening and other Black History Month events, visit events/allevents/black-history-month.asp

Read the full article in the Daily Echo here

Olu Rowe

Olu Rowe is a multi-passionate artist. A director, producer, speaker, playwright and professional musician who has dedicated his career to his love of the arts and to spreading a positive message of diversity & inclusion

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