A poetic tribute by Paul Brighton

I received a poem from a dear friend Paul Brighton on the eve of my new website launch. Paul is a talented musician and producer that I have worked on many musical projects with.

I thought this website was the perfect platform to share this fabulous tribute.

Those of you who know me will know that I’m not one for tooting my own horn, but I’m touched by his words and the trouble he took to write this for me. As a fellow artist, I understand the importance of showcasing and preserving our art and so here it lives.

paul brighton musician and producer

Reaching out to my good friend Olu Rowe
Musician, educator and an extraordinary creative soul

When I first met him, he was living on Drayton high street,
Relentless worker, with music for a heartbeat,
he was producing, managing, and singing every day and night,
someone you want, in the corner for your own fight.

With Olu, there’s loyalty through and through,
I can always rely on him to have my back too,
Calming influence, problem solver, the talent supreme,
Backs his actions, supporting people on his own team

We haven’t even got to singing yet,
Skill level, always a serious threat,
like one nation proud, singing strong,
An accapella automatically becomes it’s own song

Anyone who knows Olu, knows he’s a class act,
Ultimate professional, produces substance, all fact,
He’ll keep on moving, once he’s on board,
Nailing gigs, even with a damaged vocal cord.

Such a perfectionist,
that he probably wouldnt even like this,
But if you’re not aiming for quality,
this playwright’s picture isn’t really yours to see.

He campaigns for right,
Fights for truth,
And for a friend, he’ll speak for you.

Here’s to my good friend Olu Rowe,
He’s the most talented singer that I know.

Paul Brighton

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Olu Rowe

Olu Rowe is a multi-passionate artist. A director, producer, speaker, playwright and professional musician who has dedicated his career to his love of the arts and to spreading a positive message of diversity & inclusion

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